The club is located on the south eastern side of the inner Lyttelton Harbour.

From Christchurch, either come over Dyers Pass, or, through the Lyttelton tunnel. It’s then a short trip around the bays, through Teddington and on to Charteris Bay. The Club is well sign posted, with the driveway down to the Club off the main road to Diamond Harbour. The club house is in a wonderful spot with all day sun and sheltered from the infamous easterly wind. It’s a great place to read the paper with a cup of coffee while the children are out on the water racing or learning to sail. Because the sailing area is in the inner part of the harbour, it is relatively sheltered from strong winds and swells. As the sailor becomes more competent the outer harbour is close by to test his or her skills. This makes for an excellent variety of sailing conditions.The sailing area is affected by tides but sailing can comfortably take place 2 hours either side of low tide. The Club is primarily dinghy sailing (mono and multi hull) and has a strong fleet of paper tigers. We have the region’s strongest junior optimist fleet.

Coaching/learn to sail

There are various ‘learn to sail’ courses for children through to adults available at the Club. With a wealth of experience from sailors who have competed in regattas throughout the world there is plenty of sailing knowledge. The Club also runs a ‘learn to sail’ camp where children have tuition over consecutive days. This is very popular with all Canterbury sailors and is often over subscribed (Club members have priority).


Throughout the season numerous races are held with a variety of courses and classes. For the Optis there are two fleets, an open for the more experienced sailors and a green fleet for the learners. Within the green fleet coaches can provide tuition to sailors during the race. Generally racing is held every second weekend on Sundays.

Boat Storage

There is hard space available for yacht storage and payable in club membership. Active sailing members contribute to a vibrant club. As the storage area is limited and sought after, we may ask you to remove any boat sitting. The Club has a building which has been designed to store optis securely under cover. A key is required as the doors to the facility are locked. Caroline Mackenzie may be contacted regarding availability of boat storage space at  mackenziecaro@gmail.com



There are three wide slipways (with winches) from which yachts can be launched. Parking is very limited so we do ask that the hard area is used for drop off and pick up only and that vehicles are parked on the road, with respect to the road markings please.

Rescue Boats

We have a fleet of rescue boats of which three are rigid inflatable boats which were purchased in 2008 and 2012. These allow the rescue boat operators to be close at hand to the sailors at all time.

Club Optis

There are 12 plastic Optimists which are available to children free of charge when they join the club and are used in the learn to sail course until the child gets a boat of their own. These optis are very safe with built in buoyancy.

Club House

The much loved club house has a lot of history as can be seen in the rafters where past members have left their mark. The clubhouse is equipped with a kitchen where you can buy food and refreshments. A small bar is also located in the clubhouse and there are changing and showering facilities. Fascinating photos and honours boards surround the walls. A collection of photo albums and sailing books are found in the Club’s book shelves.